Staff List



Senior Leadership Team 


Principal  Lorraine Taylor 
Vice Principal Adam Dawes
Vice Principal Suzi Shepherd
Vice Principal Richard Christon
Assistant Principal  Luke Wilkins
Assistant Principal  Daniel Showler
Assistant Principal/SENCO Laura Stubbs
Assistant Principal    Kate Wooldridge 
Associate Assistant Principal  Naomi Roche


Administration Team 


Cluster Business Manager Gemma Whetton
Personal Assistant  Zeenat Sparg
Finance Administrator Alyson Mclean
HR Administrator Emma Chetwynd
Front of House Manager Hazel Freeman
Reception/Administrator Anne Turner
Reception/Administrator Hameda Iqbal 
Pastoral Administrator Demi Gardiner
Administrator Jess Crane


Student Support Team 


Pastoral Leader - Year 7 Chelsea Wallbank
Pastoral Leader - Year 8 Selina Duggins
Pastoral Leader - Year 9 Miranda Corcoran
Pastoral Leader - Year 10 Susan Gittings
Pastoral Leader - Year 11 Millie Merrigan
Pastoral Leader  Chris Tierney 
Pastoral Leader Amber Overton
Pastoral Leader Jim Shepherd
Pastoral Leader - Attendance Michael Hughes
Pastoral Leader - Attendance Samantha Underwood
Safeguarding Officer  Alexandria Hiatt
Early Help Leader Laura Copson
 Social Worker Zoe Hipkiss
Counsellor  Kym Paterson
Attendance Officer Charlie Smith
Data & Exam Manager  Rebecca Spencer 
Pastoral Admin and Exams Lorraine Knight
IT Technician Tanvir Sandhar


Progress Team


Assistant SEND  Charlotte Smith 
Progress Coach  Susan Dennis
Progress Coach  April Griffiths
Progress Coach  David Richards
Progress Coach Marie Clark 
Progress Coach  Julie Turner
Progress Coach  Kay Mansfield 
Progress Coach  Tracy Rigby 
Progress Coach  Karen Whitehouse
Progress Coach Laura Stringer
Progress Coach Chloe Hodgetts



English and MFL Team


Director of Learning Jennie Cartwright
Assistant Director of Learning Lewis Turner
Lead Practitioner  Annie Walters
Head of MFL  Manoubia Larguet
English Teacher Jason Smith
English Teacher Laura Jones
English Teacher Emma Coles
English Teacher Daniel McCulloch
Spanish Teacher Gillian Adey
French Teacher Lisa Morgan


Mathematics and Computer Science Team


Director of Maths Dominic McGrath
Lead Practitioner - Mathematics Nicola Sevellec
Mathematics Teacher Lorraine Marshall
Mathematics Teacher Teri Williams 
Mathematics Teacher Ashley Tindall
Mathematics Teacher Amy Probart
Mathematics Teacher Saumia Aftab
Head of Computer Science  Letus Nyati


Science Team


Director of Learning  Dr Soraya Khan
Head of Biology  James Williamson
Head of Chemistry  Elizabeth Wicker 
Science Teacher Steven Spiers 
Science Teacher Alice Newbold 
Science Teacher Anthony Reddan
Science Teacher Adeela Farooq
Science Technician  


Creative and Performance Team


Head of Physical Education Julian Fry
Head of Music  Adele Blaney 
Head of Art  Tracey Weikert-Picker
Head of Food Amy Sullivan
Teacher of Creative and Performing Arts Tyler Cotton
Art Teacher Dawn Sheridan 
Art Teacher Craig Moore
Art Teacher Rebecca Tebbett
Art Teacher Faye Philips 
Art and Design Technician  John Cutts
Art and Design Technician  Paige Bell
Food Technician  Nicola Quittenton 
Drama Teacher Tyler Cotton
Physical Education Teacher Rebecca  Mortiboys
Physical Education Teacher Stacey Kellegher
Physical Education Teacher William Mansfield



Humanities Team 


Head of History  Ede Roche 
History Teacher Mark Whitehouse
History Teacher Abigail Brown
History Teacher Rebecca Goddard
History Teacher Stella Bird
Head of RE Charlotte Bailey 
Geography Teacher Emily Clark 
Geography Teacher Shannon Wheeldon
Geography Teacher Summer DeSlegte
Head of Health and Social Care Maria Gaynor


Associate Para-Teachers 


Associate Para-Teacher Shalene Patabandi
Associate Para-Teacher Lorraine Liu
Associate Para-Teacher Raphael King
Associate Para-Teacher Daniel McCulloch
Associate Para-Teacher Maria Pas Conza
Associate Para-Teacher Maggy Chin


Estates Team 


Premises Manager   Scott Doughty
Caretaker  Taylor Davies
Caretaker  Malcolm Jackson
IT Technician Tanvir Sandhar