Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

At Hartshill Academy, every teacher is a teacher of SEND. All pupils have the right to a knowledge rich and balanced curriculum including full access to the National Curriculum and extra-curricular activities where appropriate. We create an environment that is nurturing and responsive to the social, emotional, physical and academic need of each individual pupil during their development and time with us. Our warm environment helps our pupils to thrive by providing them with platforms to explore their strengths and reach their full potential regardless of internal or external barriers to learning. We endeavour to create a community where parents/carers and teaching staff work in unity to support the needs of all pupils in our care and beyond. .

Whole Academy Objectives:

• All teachers are teachers of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

• Intervention for a pupil with SEND should address the nature of their needs

• Regular recording of a pupil's SEND, the action taken, the outcome and the review (Plan, Do, Review)

• A curriculum that is scaffolded and modelled by expert teachers should be provided to meet all pupil’s needs

• Opportunities should be given to all pupils to learn in a safe and nurturing environment, inclusive of all needs.

Our main aims are:

• To identify and address the internal and external barriers a pupil might face and support them in accessing the curriculum.

• To identify and monitor pupil’s individual barriers from the earliest possible stage so that appropriate provision can be made and their attainment raised.

• To provide a safe and nurturing SEND Hub Space to facilitate the learning of our most vulnerable pupils. 

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Academy Contact Information:

 Hartshill Academy SENDCO  Laura Stubbs