Knowledge Organisers

Learning is defined as a change in the long-term memory. Knowledge is stored in the long-term memory through a process of breaking down subjects into key knowledge, practising and reviewing that knowledge until mastery is gained over it, and repetition of application of knowledge. This is as true with our academic learning as it is in any other walk of life – practice and spaced repetition will lead to things being stored in our long-term memory.


As part of our transfer to United Learning, we have aligned our curriculum (what we teach and when we teach it) and our knowledge with our new trust, which has an excellent track record of success. With that comes our new knowledge organisers. Review, practice and repetition with these organisers will allow pupils to gain mastery over the key knowledge of their subjects; this will lead to them being more successful in their lessons, assessments and ultimately, examinations.


Pupils can use their knowledge organisers in a range of ways. Traditional techniques such as Look-Cover-Write-Check-Repeat is an effective way of mastering knowledge, creating revision cards to focus on key areas, or flashcards to quiz individual pieces of knowledge. Teachers will be using the knowledge in the knowledge organisers to inform homework, Do Nows and work in lessons.