Careers- Building Skills


Since returning to school in September, all pupils in years 7-9 have taken part in the Skills Builder programme as part of their HART time curriculum.

Skills Builder is a programme that is exactly what it says it is! It is where pupils will develop the essential skills that they need for future jobs and careers, for their time in school but also to develop the skills that they will need to help them to develop into great human beings. Skills builder looks at 8 essential skills and have split them into 4 categories. The first category is communication which looks at listening and speaking. Creative problem solving looks at problem solving and creativity; Self-management looks at staying positive and aiming high, and Collaboration looks at leadership and teamwork. 

Pupils are currently working on developing their Staying Positive skills, and have already developed skill steps that include telling when they feel positive or negative, telling when others feel positive or negative, carrying on when something goes wrong and how to stay calm and adapt plans to make the best out of negative situations.