A visit from ThinkHigher!

ThinkHigher visit Hartshill Academy.

On Tuesday 14 December and Thursday 16 December, Hartshill Academy will welcome ThinkHigher to deliver two inspirational sessions to our Year 9 pupils to support them with their Post 16 planning information. These sessions, delivered by ThinkHigher staff, ambassadors, and university pupils, will raise aspirations, and inform pupils about all of the different career path options available to them.

ThinkHigher is one of 29 partnerships within Uni Connect. The network aims to help streamline Higher Education outreach for local schools, as well as exploring new ways of delivering outreach to meet local needs and priorities. ThinkHigher work hard to support young people to make well-informed decisions about their future education.

Sessions delivered include:

Tuesday 14th December- ‘Don’t Be Passive’

On Tuesday, ThinkHigher will start with an inspirational assembly for the whole of the year group aimed at empowering pupils to take control of their education and Post 16 plans. The informative day continues with a workshop for each form group, exploring all aspects of Higher Education.

Thursday 16th December- ‘The Career Ladder’

ThinkHigher will deliver an interactive assembly talk with input from a range of employers. Pupils will have the opportunity to hear directly from employers along with up-to-date labour market information to help them to start planning for their own career. The workshop that follows will be an interactive classroom session providing pupils the opportunity to plan their own career ladder. With advice and guidance from ThinkHigher staff, pupils will have the chance to plot their own progression plan with considerations of qualifications and the current labour market information.